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Large Acreage for Cheap! Landlocked 20 Acres – Easement By Necessity


County: Washington

Acres: 20

Price: $30000

Property Description

-Cash price $30,000
– Financing price $40,000,Seller Wants 10k cash down, will finance the rest, 8% Interest, 5 years


Seize the opportunity to own a substantial piece of paradise at a remarkable value, presented by Vacant Land Bargains. This unique property spans a vast acreage, offering ample space for constructing your dream home or establishing a private recreational haven. Situated atop a large hill and bordered by public land to the south, the land promises privacy, abundant trees, and diverse views that make it a truly special place to build and live.

Please note, this property currently requires the establishment of an easement by necessity or an easement agreement with a neighboring property. While this process takes time, an easement by necessity is guaranteed, providing a significant savings opportunity for the buyer willing to undertake this process. The effort will reward you with unmatched seclusion and direct access to surrounding natural beauties.

The proximity to expansive public lands not only secures breathtaking landscapes but also ensures easy access to hiking, wildlife viewing, and a plethora of other outdoor activities right from your doorstep.

With seller financing available, Vacant Land Bargains makes it easier than ever to acquire this land without the immediate full payment burden. A cash discount is also available for those looking to make a quick purchase.

This rare chance to own such an expansive piece of land, with its enviable location atop a hill and natural attributes, should not be overlooked. Whether you are looking to invest in land as a secure asset or create a personal escape into nature, this property offers limitless possibilities. Act now to take advantage of this prime offering before it’s gone. Contact Vacant Land Bargains today to learn how you can make this dream land your own.

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How To See This Property

Please let us know if you would like to walk this property. Most of our properties you can visit un-accompanied. Our recommendation is to check for any special instructions below and ensure you have the Google My Map with parcel boundaries prepared on your mobile phone as well as the area downloaded for offline viewing on Google Maps mobile app. If you have any further questions please contact us for further guidance.  

By visiting this property you agree that you are entering the property at your own risk. Conditions are unknown and may pose hazards. By visiting, you assume all responsibility for your safety and waive any claims of injury or damage against the property owner.

Special Instructions

Starting from Georgetown, Indiana, head south on Kepley Rd and quickly merge onto IN-64 W/Hwy 64 NE. Continue on this road, then turn right onto IN-135 N, passing through Washington Township. Follow IN-135 N for several miles, passing a McDonald’s and continuing through Public Square. Stay on IN-135 N until you turn right onto N Delaney Park Rd. Continue on this road, which becomes E Nicholson Hollow Rd, and proceed for a total of 7 miles. Conclude your journey by turning right, arriving in Monroe Township, Indiana after a 51-minute drive covering 39.2 miles.

Google Maps

How to view parcel lines as you walk the property

Step 1. Ensure you are on a desktop computer and logged into the same Google account that you will use on your Google Maps mobile app. 

Step 2. Open the map below in full screen in a new tab. 

Step 3. In the top left click the 3 dots to the right of the map title to dropdown a menu. Select copy map, save it.

Step 4. On your mobile phone open the Google Maps app & ensure you are logged into the same Google account.

Step 5. On the bottom of the screen select “saved”. Scroll down and on the bottom right select “Maps”

Step 6. The map should appear with the parcel outline as well as corner markers. 

This map will remain available to you at any time and you will be able to see the parcel lines as you walk the property. Keep in mind these are GIS lines and meant to be for reference purposes but do not represent actual property lines. 

Property Details


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