Buying process

Three Ways To Close

Fast Closing

1-3 days

Both parties electronically sign a purchase agreement, payment is made via bank transfer, and we will draft and record a Warranty Deed with the County, providing you with the notarized copy, as well as a copy of the deed that has been confirmed as now titled in your name by the County office. We submit the deed for recording online as soon as funds land and your Title is usually transferred the same day.

This process does not include Title Insurance or closing services by a third party, however, most of our properties already have a Title Search and Title Insurance to ensure complete marketability. No liens, back taxes, or encumbrances of any kind. We also do our own in house research to ensure properties can be transferred by Warranty Deed.

Once you agree to buy we will send you a purchase agreement via Pandadocs to sign electronically. We will also send you a stripe invoice for a non-refundable down payment of $1,000 dollars. (Purchase agreement is signed by both parties and acknowledges the down payment)

When the Purchase Agreement is signed and your down payment is made we will send you our banking information for a bank transfer. At this time we will also draft and prepare a Warranty Deed along with a Transfer Declaration (required by some Counties).

Once payment is received we will notarize and record your Warranty Deed, submitting it to the County Clerk. We will also send you a digital copy of the notarized deed before and after it has been confirmed recorded by the County.

At this time you should call the County Clerk & Recorder to confirm the transfer of Title to you. Be advised that the Assessor’s Office, (who handle property tax), will not reflect your purchase right away, sometimes up to a month after the Clerk has recorded the Transfer.

You should also receive a notice from the County Assessor come tax time.

If you are under an HOA, please reach out to them to assume monthly or yearly contributions.

Cash Closing With Title Insurance

2-4 weeks

Both parties sign a purchase agreement, which is submitted to a title company to handle all closing docs, conduct an in-depth search of proper title history, and ensure no liens or back taxes are undisclosed. They also handle escrow as well as insure the title of the property for its value.

Title insurance essentially protects the value of your purchase in the event that the title is not “marketable” in any way. This includes any liens or encumbrances on the title. 

Once you agree to buy we will send you a purchase agreement via Pandadocs to electronically sign. We will also send you a stripe invoice for a non-refundable down payment of $1,000 dollars. (Purchase agreement is signed by both parties and acknowledges the down payment)

Once the purchase agreement is signed please reach out to a local title company of your choosing and start a closing order by sending them the signed purchase agreement.

The title company will begin working on a title commitment which outlines any affecting liens, easements, or taxes on the title. 

The Title Commitment is the first document to expect. Please read it carefully and reach out to the title company for any questions that come up. 

Once you confirm the commitment they will prepare and send out closing docs to both parties. These will include final settlement statements & wiring instructions to you.

Funds will be held in escrow until the deed has been notarized and returned by us in the mail. We will also sign and return any closing documents. 

If there is an HOA with required fees the title company will also check with them about the dues status and factor this into the settlements. 


When the title company has all closing docs returned & funds in escrow they will record the transfer of title for you with the County. 

The final closing docs will be returned to you via mail. 

If your property is part of an HOA/POA please reach out to them to get acquainted with dues payments and regular participation.

The property title is now under your name. Congratulations!


Max 5 years

We are able to privately finance your purchase of land up to a period of 5 years. The terms will be outlined in the terms contracts signed by both parties. An initial down payment of at least 20% is required and following payments can be made through our payment gateway and loan management software.

Payments include interest, fees, and property taxes.

Your specific payment schedule can be discussed with our property consultant.

When an agreement is reached about the terms of the financing please sign the purchase agreement (which we will send via Pandadocs) and arrange a wire transfer for the down payment. 

In addition to the Purchase Agreement, a Promissory Note & Land Contract will outline the specifics of the terms and the agreed closing date. These will also be signed electronically. 

Once the down payment is received we will set you up with our loan management software and payment gateway. First monthly payment starts one month from the signing of the land contracts. Here you can see the exact amount remaining and paid. You can pay using a debit or credit card set up to make automatic payments. 

You can save money on total interest paid by paying off the property early at any time. Once the loan has been paid off we will begin transferring the property to you. 

At this time we will draft, notarize, and transfer the property to you via warranty deed. We will send you a copy and record the deed with the County for you, informing you once the process is complete.

If you choose to at this time you may elect a Title Company to handle the closing for you instead of us. 

Be sure to reach out to the HOA if there is one to assume monthly or yearly membership fees.