The difference in working with us starts with the prices we list property for. Buying from us means you’re never paying market value for the same properties offered by realtors, owners, and investment groups.

We aren’t interested in holding on to properties for a long time. The excellent margins we work with reflect the market right now and we want to pass on the savings to the right buyers as fast as possible. So if you’re looking to buy now we are the first place you should look.

Of course, we’re also motivated to create a superior buying service. Our listings are packed with detail from high quality mapping, terrain breakdowns, 360 virtual tours, and high quality imagery. We want our buyer’s to have high confidence before even stepping foot on the land.

Our property consultant Sue is excellent at adding a personal touch, working with you to find the perfect property that meets your goals. She is highly responsive and always on your side, but also not afraid to tell you when a property just isn’t the right one. We want you to know what you’re buying and to think of us when it comes time to buy again.

For repeat buyers and avid investors we also offer a Buyer’s Program giving you pre-market access to our best deals with multiple buying options ranging from wholesale pricing to exclusive discounts. Please reach out to ask us about an on going relationship.

Vacant Land Bargains acquires properties well under market value to begin with by making offers on properties not currently on the market.

We connect with owners who are happy to sell perfectly good properties but just don’t want to continue to pay property taxes, don’t have any future plans for the property, or don’t want to spend the time and resources on marketing.

All of the listings here are filterable by property features. You can even search more specifically like No HOA, Specific zoning, and property with trees. Also, feel free to reach out to our property consultant, Sue Murphy, who can guide you to a property that fits your needs.

When we originally purchase the properties we conduct thorough research into the build potential. Buyers are still responsible for verifying their future plans via surveys conducted, and coordinating with the County.

Each property available for sale has a property info sheet (link is located above the image slider). These sheets provide in-depth information and cover the potential uses and restrictions of the property.

If you have any questions we will share any information we have or point you in the right direction for additional verification.

We do offer seller financing! We offer 5 year notes at 20% down. Interest comes out to 8% simple interest per year however the loan is amortized so you can pre-pay at any time to reduce your total interest paid. 

Be sure to check out our Buying Process page for a full breakdown of how it works. 

To keep liability to a minimum and contracts simple we don’t allow building until the loan is paid in full at which point, we will transfer over a full marketable title to you.

Sometimes. We generally don’t offer to pay closing costs as we are already purchasing most of our properties with Title Insurance. Everything has been checked and we ensure no liens, encumbrances, or back taxes owed. For a fair offer we will consider it but it is not a standard offering.

Simply let us know! Our team is remote based so we won’t be able to show the property in person. We are happy to assist with directions and guidance for visiting the property and its always good to check with us first. Some properties have gate codes or confusing roads. 

Please visit our Buying Process Page to get an overview of the full buying process whether cash, financing, or cash through a title company.

Why choose Vacant Land Bargains?

Save time.

Every property available on our site has had extensive research and mapping prepared for you. Quickly search for only the features and location you want to buy and close easily with guidance from our team.

Get the best deal.

We price properties to sell fast and that means you’re getting the best deal in the area every time. For further discounts and pre-market access to deals join our Buyer’s list!


Our goal is to provide all the information you need to ensure a property fits your criteria before any commitments are made. That includes closing in a secure way and keeping you informed the whole time.