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Berry Creek Prime Powered Acreage


County: Butte

Acres: 5

Price: $35000

Property Description

Cash Discount: $35,000
Seller Financing Price: $50,000
20% Down Payment ($10,000), Loan Term 5 Years, Interest Rate 0%
60 Monthly Payments of $869.70 (Not including of service fee or tax)

Discover the allure of owning a sprawling 5-acre parcel nestled in the heart of Butte County. Located on the prestigious Justamere Lane, this prime land boasts an elevation advantage, offering sweeping views to the north that are simply unparalleled.

The gentle slope of the terrain beckons you to build your dream home, perfectly positioned to oversee the area’s natural beauty. Power connections are conveniently accessible through PG&E (Nearest point of connection might be as close as 400 ft from the property), and with the potential for well water and septic system installation, this property promises a balance of modern convenience and self-sustaining living. What’s more, there’s no HOA to restrict your vision.

Imagine the freedom of cultivating a small-scale farm, setting up a commercial venture due to the Foothill Residential FR-5 zoning, or simply enjoying the vast expanse as the value appreciates over time. The plot is versatile, accommodating both modular and prefab homes, and there are no strict building size restrictions. And for the animal enthusiasts? The land welcomes up to 5 units of animals, from household pets like dogs and cats to livestock such as horses and alpacas.

Accessibility is a premium feature here. A well-maintained road grants seamless access, ensuring you’re never too far from the heart of town. The property’s proximity to amenities and attractions is unmatched: Oregon City is a short 49-minute drive, and the radiant Lake Oroville is a mere 30 minutes away. Adventure aficionados can revel in nearby hiking opportunities, skiing adventures, and the allure of Feather Fall trails and Loafer Creek.

But it’s not just the natural wonders that make this spot so special. You’ll find yourself right next to the town park, with a fire station and elementary school just a minute away. Although these landmarks were unfortunately affected by a fire, they stand as a testament to the town’s resilience. As the area is set to recover and rejuvenate, these institutions will once again serve the community.

Brought to you by Vacant Land Bargains, this property is not just land; it’s an opportunity. It’s a perfect entry point for those yearning for private living, as well as savvy investors eyeing land that’s poised for appreciation. With a special cash discount and seller financing options available, your dream is well within reach. Embrace this chance to own a piece of Butte County’s evolving beauty!
***Disclaimer: There are falling trees in the area and buyers may visit at their own risk

Land ID

How To See This Property

Please let us know if you would like to walk this property. Most of our properties you can visit un-accompanied. Our recommendation is to check for any special instructions below and ensure you have the Google My Map with parcel boundaries prepared on your mobile phone as well as the area downloaded for offline viewing on Google Maps mobile app. If you have any further questions please contact us for further guidance.  

By visiting this property you agree that you are entering the property at your own risk. Conditions are unknown and may pose hazards. By visiting, you assume all responsibility for your safety and waive any claims of injury or damage against the property owner.

Google Maps

How to view parcel lines as you walk the property

Step 1. Ensure you are on a desktop computer and logged into the same Google account that you will use on your Google Maps mobile app. 

Step 2. Open the map below in full screen in a new tab. 

Step 3. In the top left click the 3 dots to the right of the map title to dropdown a menu. Select copy map, save it.

Step 4. On your mobile phone open the Google Maps app & ensure you are logged into the same Google account.

Step 5. On the bottom of the screen select “saved”. Scroll down and on the bottom right select “Maps”

Step 6. The map should appear with the parcel outline as well as corner markers. 

This map will remain available to you at any time and you will be able to see the parcel lines as you walk the property. Keep in mind these are GIS lines and meant to be for reference purposes but do not represent actual property lines. 

Property Details

Icon Water Inverted


Well Only

Icon Power Inverted


Icon Sewage Inverted


Septic Only

Icon Access Inverted


Justame Ln. | Private dirt road

Icon Terrain Inverted


The terrain begins to slope down towards the north side

Icon HOA Inverted



Icon Internet Inverted

Internet & Connectivity

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Starlink

Property features

Power, Residential, Water Delivery, NO HOA, Dirt Road, Farming, Cell Reception, Starlink Available, Agriculture, Propane Delivery, Pets


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