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Riverfront Camping & Fishing Haven


County: Owen

Acres: 1.26

Price: $11000

Property Description

Cash Price: $11,000

Financing Price: $15,000

Down Payment 40% ($6,000), 5 years, 8% Interest

Nestled along a picturesque river, this unique property presents a tranquil escape for camping and fishing enthusiasts. Ideal for those seeking a serene retreat by the water, the lot offers the charm of riverfront living combined with the adventure of the outdoors.

This is a perfect spot for seasonal camping. Picture yourself fishing right from your property, immersing in nature’s beauty, or simply relaxing by the water’s edge. It’s important to note that while campers are permitted on the property, they cannot be used as permanent residences and are allowed for only limited durations.

For those dreaming of a more permanent structure, there is potential to construct a dry cabin, elevated two feet above the flood stage, subject to approval from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Prospective builders will need to engage a surveyor to determine the appropriate elevation, considering the property’s location in the floodway. This unique requirement suggests that any structure would be significantly raised, potentially more than a story off the ground, offering a distinctive and elevated perspective of the surrounding landscape.

Please be aware that due to its proximity to the river and location within the floodway, standard septic systems are not permitted. Any septic solution would need to be at least 50 feet from the river and outside of the floodway. The property adheres to a setback of 25 feet from the property lines, and interested parties are advised to contact the Recorder’s Office for deed details and information on any easements.

This property is an exceptional opportunity for those looking to embrace the joys of riverfront living combined with the adventure of camping and fishing. It’s a canvas awaiting your vision, within the guidelines set by nature and regulatory authorities. Contact us to explore the potential of this unique riverfront property and take the first step towards owning your personal slice of paradise.

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Property Details

Icon Water Inverted


No Water | No Well

Icon Power Inverted


Icon Sewage Inverted


No Sewage | No septic allowed

Icon Access Inverted


Easement through Knowles Dr

Icon Zoning Inverted


Icon Terrain Inverted


Icon HOA Inverted



Icon Internet Inverted

Internet & Connectivity

AT&T, T-Mobile, Starlink

Property features

Recreational, NO HOA, Dirt Road, Cell Reception, Starlink Available, Camping, Water Features, Off-Grid


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