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The Splendor of Yakima Valley: Powered Acreage with a Massive View


County: Yakima

Acres: 10.18

Price: $26500

Cash Price: $26,500

Financing Price: $36,000

Down Payment 20% ($7,200), 5 years, 8% Interest,

60 monthly payments of $583.96 (Not inclusive of fees)

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Property Description

Cash Price: $26,500

Financing Price: $36,000

Down Payment 20% ($7,200), 5 years, 8% Interest,

60 monthly payments of $583.96 (Not inclusive of fees)

Presenting a rare opportunity from Vacant Land Bargains, this stunning parcel in the heart of Washington offers an idyllic setting for those dreaming of a tranquil yet connected lifestyle. Perched with an excellent vantage point, the land overlooks the serene Yakima Valley River, the charming town of Pomona, and glimpses of the Yakima Training Center (Army Base), providing a backdrop of scenic beauty and serene river views.

Spanning a generous expanse, the property invites you to envision a life amidst natural splendor. Here, you’re not just building a home; you’re crafting a retreat where every sunrise and sunset over the valley can be your daily spectacle. The land’s strategic location is a short drive from the diverse offerings of Pomona to the north and the bustling city of Yakima to the south. Yakima, with its array of amenities, universities, and cultural spots, offers a perfect blend of urban convenience and educational opportunities.

The property’s proximity to Yakima City and the military base is indicative of a robust local economy brimming with employment opportunities. This makes it an ideal spot for both families looking to settle in a dynamic area and professionals seeking a peaceful residence near work opportunities. Legal access via easements on Bernice Creek Rd ensures easy entry and development potential. While power is conveniently located nearby, and septic systems are required, these aspects further enhance the land’s appeal, offering a blank canvas for your architectural aspirations.

Notably, the land’s maintenance needs are minimal with road maintenance dues at just $200 annually, and it benefits from the absence of restrictive association-level building constraints, allowing you the freedom to design your space in harmony with your vision, subject to county regulations.

Adding to the allure, the nearby Yakima Training Center opens its doors to various public amenities, including hunting and hiking opportunities, enriching the recreational fabric of your living experience. The array of activities available can be explored through the center’s MWR programs, providing a unique blend of community and adventure.

In recognizing the uniqueness of this offering, Vacant Land Bargains extends a significant cash discount for immediate buyers, making this an attractive investment opportunity. Additionally, seller financing is available, offering a flexible path to ownership for those who dream of making this scenic vista their own.

This property stands as a beacon for those seeking a blend of rural charm and modern convenience. With its limited availability and the allure of the Yakima Valley, the opportunity to own this land is one not to be missed. To begin your journey towards owning this magnificent slice of Washington, reach out to Vacant Land Bargains today.

Property Details

Icon Water Inverted


Icon Sewage Inverted


Icon Access Inverted


Easement for access | Road privately maintained

Icon Terrain Inverted



Icon HOA Inverted


Yakima Ranches Owners Association Phase III

Icon Internet Inverted

Internet & Connectivity

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Starlink

Property features

Power, Residential, Recreational, HOA, Dirt Road, Starlink Available, Mountains, Propane Delivery


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